How can atruent help you?

In the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry, we know what is important to you. Your requirements include Infrastructure Reliability, Data and Network Security, Applications Availability, Technical Support Availability, Data Storage Scalability, Mobile Computing Reliability, Emails Reliability and IT Strategic Planning. 

“ADI could not possible have achieved our improved results without the support of Atruent and the associated conversions to Exchange email/QuickBooks 2017/Avatax."

Brian Burr, Senior Vice President
Atlantic Design Inc.

Our IT Infrastructure Audit will contain:

  • Your entire Network Topology
  • Multiple detailed reports on your Infrastructure with Findings and Recommendations
  • A consulting session with you to review our documentation in detail and answer any questions
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Is your current network fully documented? Do you have a binder that contains everything there is to know about your IT Infrastructure? Our Audit will provide you with all the documentation you’ll ever need, which is part of our Free Audit.



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